Wednesday, November 16, 2011

QSL via the cloud

Welcome to "myQSL Service".
This system will allow you to download the "myQSL Card Creator" program (see the link above) and let you create Pdf versions of your QSL cards. It then lets you send those cards to the receiving ham via "The Cloud", where they can be picked up for FREE.
If the receiving ham has registered (for FREE) on The Cloud, the system will send them an email notification telling them that they have a Qsl card waiting for them to download to their computer. There is never a charge for the receiver to download a card. They can then later print it out on their own color printer and use it as any other card that you might have mailed to them. The only charge for the service is a small $4.95 annual fee to renew the license for the "myQSL Card Creator" program. The system is "SECURE" as you can see by the "S" after the http url address above. That means that no one can tamper with the card between the time it leaves the local computer where it was created and when it finally arrives at the destination computer.
Enjoy exchanging secure Qsl cards with other hams, ... almost for FREE.
Les W4SCO, SCO, Inc. Software, Copyright 2011 SCO Inc.

NOTE from the author: my QSL has been created with "myQSL card creator" program as PDF file, ready to be sent to the station I QSOed with.

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