Friday, November 04, 2011

Portuguese A.M. Day - 05/11/2011

Carolino - CT1CPK
Jorge - CT1JIB
Pedro - CR7ABP
Tavares - CT1CBC
Tiago - CT2IFZ

The team will operate special station CR5AMD (charlie romeo five A.M. Day) from IM58ps near the decommissioned shortwave station from the public broadcaster RTP (former RDP).
In this occasion we will be remembering the golden years of HF broadcasting made from Portugal, from RDP Internacional using the CEOC (Centro Emissor de Ondas Curtas) and also from the Deutsche Welle (DW/ProFunk) station near the coastal village of Sines that has broadcasted DW, BBC and other programs for years, including using the latest technology of Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM).
The DW/ProFunk station also ceased operations in the end of October 2011
We plan to operate on 80 mts (3.680) 40 mts (7.100) 20 (14.270) 10 mts (29.075) and 2 mts (144.575)We hope to contact as many stations as possible.
QSL via bureau or eQSL.

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