Wednesday, November 09, 2011

6m WSPR operators required

"With the recent increases in Solar Activity, higher frequencies are propagating.
There is a good group of active operators in Australia running 6m WSPR most days and night at the moment, trying to identify weak paths and rare openings. Yesterday (and quite a few times past few weeks) we had a BIG opening to the Japan area which lasted 4 or 5 hours for some testing with 6m WSPR. The night before we also identified evening TEP on 6m to Japa without any distortion what so ever, which was remarkable at midnight! Yesterday also, a station in New Zealand had a couple of contacts to west coast USA, and there has been some from VK to Hawaii.
We are having big problems trying to find WSPR operators for the 6m band to look for our signals. While there are many stations on WSPR 10m, its seems those stations dont overflow into the 6m band for some reason.
We are in desperate need particularly for stations in the USA and Hawaii, particularly west coast USA, but if you think you have chance from anywhere else, please go ahead. We need stations in other areas like South America and Africa. Many more needed in Japan, east Russia and other Asian areas for TEP paths. We have a few running from Europe, but if you have a big station it would be interesting to see you on WSPR also.
If you dont know about WSPR, it stands for Weak Signal Propagation Reporter.
The WSPR Net homepage -

I hope some new stations can look for us on 6m WSPR today
Leigh VK2KRR"

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