Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Perfect "Beginners Receiver"!

  • Tunable over 2 MHz bandwidth anywhere in the 4 to 20 MHz Shortwave Band
  • Clean superheterodyne design with automatic gain control
  • Extremely sensitive front end!

Here's a complete shortwave radio guaranteed to inspire awe in any listener. Imagine tuning in the BBC, Radio Moscow, Radio Baghdad and other services with just a few feet of antenna. This very sensitive (about a microvolt!) receiver is a true superhet design with AGC and plenty of speaker volume. Smooth varactor diode tuning allows you to tune any 2 MHz portion of the 4 to 20 MHz frequency range, and the kit conveniently runs on a 9 volt battery (not included). Add our matching custom case and knob set to give your radio a finished, polished look. Amaze yourself and others - see how you can listen to the world on a receiver you built in an evening. Drives any speaker or earphone. Included case measures 5"W x 1 1/2"H x 5 1/4"D.

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