Wednesday, November 09, 2011

60th anniversary of the VRZA

On Sunday 27 NOV 2011 will once again VRZA QSO party held to celebrate the 60 e anniversary of the VRZA. This QSO Party will be marked by a lively session on the radio, where possible VRZA club stations in the air will be. It is NOT a contest, so you need not tracking numbers to exchange. However, you this day the beautiful DIVISIONAL AWARD pan out with the words "21 e VRZA QSO Party 2011 ". To achieve this award, we deviate slightly from the normal rules just because one day it can be achieved. To apply for the award you need 10 on HF and VHF / UHF 5 PI60 club stationsThe VRZA to have worked. The QSO Party will be held on Sunday, November 27 axis . from 13.00 - 16.00 hours local time on the bands 80 and 2 meters. The next station PI60 count towards the award and we also encourage them to be QRV all:

PI60AVG Achterhoek    PI60YSM Ysselmond
PI60AML Amstelland    PI60GN Groningen
PI60SDH Apeldoorn     PI60ZWN B / W Netherlands
PI60DHG The Hague     PI60ZLB South Limburg
PI60EMN Emmen         PI60ADH Clear Land
PI60FLD Flevoland     PI60EDE South Veluwe
PI60VRL Friesland     PI60KGL Kager Country
PI60EHV East Brabant  PI60VRZ / A Kootwijk Radio
PI60ARL Riverland     PI60RMB Midden Brabant
PI60VGZ Gooi          PI60CQP / A Changing location.
PI60TWN Twente        PI60VNL North Limburg
PI60UTC Utrecht       PI60JUT Jutberg
PI60WBR West Brabant  PI60RM  Rijnmond

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