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SX5C Special Call DxPedition STROGILI & Lighthouse IPSILI.

The following Greek hams: SV1GE John, SV1JG Cliff, SV1RC Spiros, SV1RP George,SV1EEX Nikiforos, SV1GRM Theodoros, SV1GYG John, SV1HER Sotirios & SV1JCZ Daniel will activate the rocky islet STROGILI, IOTA: EU-001, GIOTA: DKS 001, MIA: MGD-022 with lighthouse ham activation of the islet.

Lighthouse named IPSILI: WLOTA: L-0237, ARLHS: GRE-123. The lighthouse was manufactured in 1917. The altitude of tower is 9 metres and the height of focal plane is 85 metres.

All the above hams are also members of the Radio Amateur Association of Greece (

It will be the first time that this islet is going to be activated for ham purposes and so does the lighthouse "IPSILI".

"We are very glad to announcement the participation to SX5C, one (1) operator of VP6DX, DUCIE Island Dxpedition & five (5) operators from the YK9SV,ARWAD Island Dxpedition".

The Stroggyli Kastellorizou also called Strongili or Strogili or Ipsili, is a Greek islet which lies in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, about five (5) nautical miles south-east of the island of Kastelorizo. The islet is about 1.5 km long, and up to 700 m wide. It covers an area of about 0.9 km². It is rather flat and covered with macchia. Strongili is the easternmost Greek Territory. It is not inhabited, and has a lighthouse named Ispili, which has the characteristic of being the easternmost building in Greece.

Strongili (Strogili,Stroggyli,Ipsili) ist eine kleine, unbewohnte griechische Insel der ostlichen Dodekanes. Strongili liegt etwa 5km ostlich der Insel Kastellorizo und ist damit die ostlichste Insel Griechenlands. Sie ist lediglich gut 3km vor der turkischen Kuste entfernt. Die Insel ist ca. 1,5 km lang, bis zu 0,7 km breit und hat eine Flache von etwa 90 ha. Strongili ist eher flach und kaum bewaldet. Da sie landwirtschaftlich nicht mehr genutzt wird, bestimmen Buschwerk und Macciabewuchs das Ausssehen. Die geschichtlich unbedeutende Insel ware auch wohl nicht weiter erwahnenswert, wenn sie nicht die ostlichste Stelle Griechenlands darstellen wurde, und der auf ihr stehende Leuchtturm das ostlichste Gebaude Griechenlands ist.

Coordinates: Latitude: 36°06'49"N, or 36.1136 N ..-.. Longitude: 29°38'09"E, or 29.6358 E
Grid square: KM46tc [Location is 7.8 mi (12.6 km) from SOUTH edge of grid square, 20.3 mi (32.7 km) from EAST edge of grid square]

Timeline 25 July - 04 August 2008.

We will be active (we hope) in all bands from 160m-2m in all modes.

QSL manager: SV1HER :-)

For anything please contact SV1HER at mobile phone: +30-693-2671602 or via email: .&. SKYPE: sotirios.vanikiotis Also have a look at this page:

de SV1HER on behalf of the SX5C team.

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