Monday, July 21, 2008

The first DXpeditioner

Remember by most hams as the first DXpeditioner (source) Danny Weil's QSL as VP2VB/MM is actually on eBay for 25$ (link). Here are the other callsigns he used, valid for the Yasme Award: CR10AB, FO8AN, FW8DW, HC2VB, HK0AA, KZ5WD, VK9TW, VP2AY, VP2DW, VP2GDW, VP2KF, VP2KFA, VP2LW, VP2MX, VP2SW, VP4DW, VP5VB, VP7VB, VR1B, VR2EO, VR4AA, YV0AA, YV0AB, ZK1, ZM6AW.

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