Friday, July 11, 2008

Aland islands, Brando, OG0A

Pertti, OH2PM and Martti, OH2BH will be taking a ferry to Aland Islands today Friday and will be QRV in the IARU Contest, signing OG0A. QSL via OH2BH. Outside of the contest they will be using their own calls; OH0R (OH2PM) and OH0B (OH2BH). QSL to their home CBA. Please note that the Market Reef group will use OJ0A, and make sure that you realize the one-letter difference. Following the contest weekend, upon the Market Reef group's Monday return to OH0, Bob Vallio, W6RGG will stay in OH0 for another day and will be active as OH0/W6RGG. QSL via home call.

These activities can produce several points for your Yasme Award.

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