Friday, September 14, 2007

Scandinavian Activity Contest

Ricevo questo messaggio direttamente da Marrti OH2BH (non lo manda solo a me ma a tutti gli editors di pubblicazioni DX ed io sono ancora nella sua lista dai tempi del 425dxn) ed è curioso in quanto si fa promotore dello Scandinavian Activity Contest per nome di OH6RX. Lo pubblico anche per un piccolo legame nostalgico a questo contest a cui partecipai nel lontano 1989 !


Contest Club Finland and SRAL as a arranging societies invites all amateur radio operators to participate the 49th Scandinavian Activity Contest 2007. Here are some captured sections from the official rules:

CW: September 15th, 12:00UTC to September 16th, 12:00UTC
SSB: September 22nd, 12:00UTC to September 23rd, 12:00UTC

Scandinavian stations are defined by prefixes as follows:
Svalbard and Bear I. JW
Jan Mayen I. JX
Norway LA – LB – LG – LJ – LN
Finland OF – OG – OH – OI
Aland I. OF0 – OG0 – OH0
Market Reef OJ0
Greenland OX – XP
Faeroe Is. OW – OY
Denmark 5P – 5Q – OU – OV – OZ
Sweden 7S–8S–SA–SB– SC – SD – SE – SF –
SH – SI – SJ – SK – SL – SM
Iceland TF

3,5 - 7 - 14 - 21 - 28 MHz bands may be used according to IARU HF Band
Plans. Operating Frequency suggestions Low Band SSB: 7040-7090, 3600-3650 and 3700-3790 kHz. (Avoid operating on 7090-7100 and 3790-3800 kHz). (NB: 3560-3600, 3650-3700, 14060-14125 and 14300-14350 kHz to be kept free from contest traffic).

Contest Exchange:
The contest exchange consists of RS(T) plus serial number starting with
001 (e.g. 59(9)001).

Two-way QSO with sent and received exchange counts for QSO-points. EUROPEAN stations credit their logs with one (1) point for every complete Scandinavian QSO on each band. NON-EUROPEAN stations credit their logs with one (1) point for every Scandinavian QSO on 14, 21 and 28 MHz and with three (3) points for complete QSO on 3.5 and 7 MHz bands.

Worked call-number areas (Ø-9) in each Scandinavian country are valid as multiplier on each band. (e.g. SI3, SK3, SL3, SM3, 7S3 and 8S3 are all in ONE district and counts ONE (1) multiplier on each band).

Contest Club Finland

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