Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Etherkit OpenBeacon

OpenBeacon is an open source crystal-controlled QRPp beacon transmitter kit which can output a variety of slow-speed modes, including QRSS, DFCW, and Sequential Multi-tone Hellschreiber. It is configured via USB port, so there are no jumpers to set and you can easily adjust all of the operating parameters via command line. Once configuration is complete, OpenBeacon may be removed from the PC and operate stand-alone.!

Frequency: crystal controlled
Modes: CW, QRSS, DFCW, Sequential Multi-tone Hellschreiber, Glyphcode, WSPR (experimental)
Power output: 300 mW nominal (at +13.7 VDC power supply)
Spectral purity: greatest harmonic <-45 dbc="" p="">
Power supply: +5 VDC to +14 VDC
Current consumption: 50 mA at +5 VDC, 120 mA at +13.7 VDC
Control via USB on Windows, OS X, and Linux
PCB dimensions: 70 mm x 90 mm
High quality PCB with soldermask and ENIG (gold) plating 

Available Bands
30 Meters - 10.140 MHz
40 Meters - 7.040 MHz
80 Meters - 3.582 MHz

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