Monday, May 31, 2010

Romeo, 3W3RR

"Hello everyone,

I've gotten a letter from Roman ("Romeo") Stepanenko, aka Roman Vega, the one we know as 3W3RR (ex AH0M). He is an unwilling guest of the the US Government, currently at MDC (Metropolitan Detention Center), in Brooklyn, NY.

It has been 7 (seven) years that he has been in this country, since he was extradited from Cyprus, accused of credit card fraud by our Dept of Justice. Somewhere on the internet there is a cheerful press release about that event, going back to 2003.

Well, it is seven years later - and there has been no trial. Detention - yes, continued investigation - certainly, but NO TRIAL. Call me naive, but I would have difficulty believing this is possible in this country. Well, it is possible. Seven years is a long time to investigate a case against someone held in jail. IMHO, something is
wrong with this picture. Or maybe the case isn't that solid? Draw your own conclusions, fellas.

He is residing only few miles away, yet we had no contact over this time. This is the first letter I received. I dare to guess that something is changing in his circumstances and he decided to write

He doesn't speak about his case much. It is an intensely private matter. Apparently he doesn't want to share it with the worlds at this time. The reasons are obvious

Do you want to know if he is alive and well? He is, full of the usual "piss and vinegar". He is doing as well as he can within the jail confines. Romeo shares his cell with other inmates, all 120 of them. Call it a room with a view - allowing for a peek at distant Manhattan and Gowanus Expressway 40 ft away.

His English has improved to the point of becoming his 'official' second language. He has spent last 3 years studying Japanese and other languages. Romeo is busy - his own library of about 150 books and a stack of books and periodicals waiting to be read (he is subscribed to about 20), extensive letter writing to all sorts of people, excelling at yoga. His mood is upbeat and he keeps a very positive outlook on life and his own fate. This is the same unbending Romeo I knew back when he was in zenith of his worldwide fame, except showing more wisdom and reserve.

Do I think he is an angel with a snow-white consciousness? No, not really. Does he deserve our sympathy? That depends on which side of the fence you are on. I think that Amateur Radio world may have lost track of Romeo for awhile, but he is not forgotten. So, boys and girls, fan (and hate) mail may be sent to him directly: Roman Vega, # 59198-004, MDC, PO Box 329002, Brooklyn, NY 11232, USA. Letters, photos and QSLs are welcome - but currency, checks or IRCs of any kind are strictly forbidden by jail regulations - DO NOT SEND them. (Romeo, ain't this ironic?)

He promises a special jailhouse QSL when he gets out (another 'new one' from this DXpeditioner). Just don't expect one too soon ))

To those inquiring minds who want to know: Is Romeo Stepanenko using me to get his name back in the limelight again? The answer is no. OK, maybe just a little bit. But I don't mind. He hasn't asked for
anything. I'm posting this letter to the Amateur community totally on my own. Opinions expressed are my own and not Romeo's.

Reprint and duplication of this information in any form are freely permitted

73, Ed Kritsky/NT2X

May 30, 2010
New York, USA"

Friday, May 28, 2010

12 tips to learning Morse Code

1) It used to be that there were two main reasons for radio amateurs to learn Morse Code. The first was to actually use it on the air, while the second was to pass the license tests. The second reason has disappeared in the USA and several other countries.

Read more here

Rinnovo quote associative Insubria Radio Club

Dalla IRC Newsletter di Giugno 2010:
Ricordo a chi non avesse ancora provveduto ed ha il piacere di rinnovare la propria adesione all’Insubria Radio Club, che è possibile versare con le seguenti modalità la quota associativa di Euro 10,00 ed eventuali donazioni per gli enti destinatari della nostra solidarietà: 
Presso il nostro stand a Malpensafiere il 15-16 maggio 2010.
PostaPay (4023 6004 5265 8570) intestata a Trevisan Emanuela
PayPal (
Bonifico bancario: conto corrente della Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Busto Garolfo e
Buguggiate intestato a Ghiringhelli Fulvio e Paolicelli Mario, IBAN: IT 65 I 08404 50700
L’elenco dei Soci pubblicato nel sito verrà aggiornato il 30 giugno 2010, togliendo i nominativi di coloro che non hanno rinnovato la propria adesione.
73 de Fulvio IZ2EXA

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

VI2BI OC-212 ? No more logs.. !

If you still need a QSL card of the 2000 activity from OC-212 by Geoff VK2EO, well, he doesn't have the logs anymore !!! I sent him my direct request in 2002 but nothing arrived in my mailbox. Today Geoff wrote me: "Sorry I do not have the logs anymore for the VI2BI operation.. If you sent a request in 2002 and I had received it you would have had a reply.. Apparently I did not rx your card.. sorry for the problem mate.. good luck on a further activation.. cheers and 73 Geoff". Well, no paper, no file, no backup, nothing at all ? Ok, never mind, lets go for another VK2/P with a better recovery of logs.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dinner with friends

I had a nice dinner yesterday with very good friends of mine, and here is the picture of the group (Susan K9XYL at the camera). From left to right: Valeria (IK1ADH), Mauro (I1JQJ), Bob (IK2WXZ), me [Maury, IZ1CRR], Joe (I2YDX) and Mike (K9AJ). We had also a nice preview of the T32 movie which I'm editing. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

T32 the movie

I'm editing the T32 movie. Hopefully it will be ready for
Friedrichshafen where Derek will show it!

Over 3,500 channels on your PC

A new feature in the 425 toolbar (the HD) icon allows
you to watch over 3,500 TV channels on your PC.