Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Complete RTL SDR 100KHz to 1.5GHz Receiver

Complete 2in1 RTL SDR + Converter 100KHz to 1.5GHz 
 All mode receiver *New version*

The original house built
 • Chip set: RTL2832U, R820T, 24C02, Attiny13 AVR , 2x AS169 SPDT
 • News: very good quality gold-plated PCB board with thermo pad for IC
 • Frequency Range:
 100KHz to 1.5GHz
 Band select with push-button
 Yellow LED HF band
 Blue LED UHF band
 • Local frequency: 100.0000 MHz (UHF mode off)
 3.5MHz = 103.5 MHz
 7MHz = 107.0 MHz
 14MHz = 114.0MHz etc.
• MCX connector antenna input
• I Ship to worldwide registered, and priority package mail!
• Manufacture: janielectronics

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

JT65 April eQSL gallery

Thursday, April 03, 2014

My #1092 IOTA confirmed


My #1091 IOTA confirmed

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

1974 - 2014: 40 years of hamradio by QSL

These are all the QSLs I used during my 40 years of hamradio activity.

Note: all the mail and email addresses are no more valid.

Here are the SWL ones 

The very first QSLs issued by the A.R.I..
In the back side my details. RX: ICOM ICR71E Antenna: Dressler ARA 30

My QSLs with the T.N.W.DX.C logo

Special QSL card for the ARI International DX contest 1990

Special QSL card for the World Cup ITALIA 90 (a side)

Special QSL card for the World Cup ITALIA 90 (b side)

Special QSL for my 20 years of SWL activity

My final QSL still used for some reports.
Receivers: JRC NRD 535 - Kenwood R5000 - AOR AR3000
Antennas: Procomm HF 5000 - Dressler ARA 30 - Diamond D130
Demodulators: Telereader CWR675E - Paccom TINY MK2

Here are the QSL with my IZ1CRR callsign (my own and the DXped I made or joined):