Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Complete RTL SDR 100KHz to 1.5GHz Receiver

Complete 2in1 RTL SDR + Converter 100KHz to 1.5GHz 
 All mode receiver *New version*

The original house built
 • Chip set: RTL2832U, R820T, 24C02, Attiny13 AVR , 2x AS169 SPDT
 • News: very good quality gold-plated PCB board with thermo pad for IC
 • Frequency Range:
 100KHz to 1.5GHz
 Band select with push-button
 Yellow LED HF band
 Blue LED UHF band
 • Local frequency: 100.0000 MHz (UHF mode off)
 3.5MHz = 103.5 MHz
 7MHz = 107.0 MHz
 14MHz = 114.0MHz etc.
• MCX connector antenna input
• I Ship to worldwide registered, and priority package mail!
• Manufacture: janielectronics

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