Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SJ22S World Scout Jamboree

SJ22S is the special event station of the 22nd World Scout Jamboree ("Simply Scouting"), held this summer from July 27 to August 7th. Event web site: The location of the event is just east of the town of Rinkaby, Sweden at coordinates: 56.0088N, 14.3046E.The site will be staffed and operating 24x7 by a select team of 40 amateur radio operators from across the globe.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Join the Ice Hunters!

In 2006, NASA dispatched an ambassador to the planetary frontier. The New Horizons spacecraft is now halfway between Earth and Pluto, on approach for a dramatic flight past the icy dwarf planet and its moons in July 2015. Following its close encounter with Pluto and its icy companion Charon, the New Horizons team hope to redirect the spacecraft toward another icy body in the Kuiper belt, the vast swarm of small worlds beyond Neptune that includes Pluto as one of its largest members. Perhaps you will help the team find that next Kuiper Belt Object (KBO) through this website! I've joined the team and I've found 173 objetcs in 513 images analyzed !

The RadioAstron Space Telescope is unfolded!

RadioAstron Newsletter
Number 4
July 23, 2011

The Space Radio Telescope is unfolded! It is difficult to express how happy we are to report that the space radio telescope on board the Spectr-R space craft was successfully unfolded today. This is an extremely important milestone for the mission and a significant achievement which resulted from a hard work of hundreds of people in Russia during many years.
Thank you and congratulations!
With best regards,
Nikolai Kardashev (
Yuri Kovalev (

Monday, July 25, 2011

VK7GN appears on the ABC TV

Martin Luther, Tasmanian, amateur radio expert and a collector of QSL cards, appears on the ABC TV program the Collectors this week. He explains ham radio to us, as well as the origins of radio as an emergency service for shipping, the technical aspects and the huge number of people around the world who are involved.
Most important, he tells us what QSL cards are, and how they're used as postcards to let radio listeners know that their radio broadcast has been heard, and where.

Download here the audio file

Thursday, July 21, 2011

8J1MORSE triple band award

8J1MORSE is a special memorial station that commemorates the 220th anniversary of the birth of Samuel Morse and the first successful Morse Code communication across the Atlantic Ocean by Guglielmo Marconi in 1901.

With the advancement of radio communication technologies, the Morse Code is placed at the brink of extinction as the modern technology continues to replace the traditional arts of communication. This year, practical Morse Code examinations for amateur radio licenses will be abolished in Japan, as well as in other countries. As the Morse Code technique threatens to disappear even amongst the amateurs, we feel it very important to preserve the Morse Code technique as a thriving and valid means of communication. Contribute to this movement to preserve the art of the Morse Code! Just jump into the Morse Code world; you are always welcome! Let us make sure that the Morse Code never disappears amongst us amateurs.

N4S video

N4S Special Event Station for STS-135 Final Space Shuttle Flight

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CommCat Mobile for the iPhone

Work DX from anywhere! CommCat Mobile is a spot management, radio control, and logging app for radio amateurs.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

Aerotek is seeking an exp Antenna Design Engineer

Aerotek is seeking an experienced Antenna Design Engineer for a short term contract in the San Diego area.


- Design, simulate, and test antennas in a high production environment
- Optimize for SAR, HAC RF, TRP, TIS, envelope correlation coefficient, radiation pattern, etc.
- Work with cellular internal antennas, multi-band cellular antennas, WLAN, Bluetooth, and NFC antennas


- Antenna design experience with mobile handsets
- Minimum 5 years relevant design experience or Master's with 2+ years of experience
- Capability to make immediate impact with minimal direction

Required Skills for Antenna Design Engineer Job:

- Antenna design
- Mobile handset



Work different prefixes of  USSR (former USSR) countries:
Class 1-200 prefixes, 2-150, 3-100, 4-50.



For the 190 years of death of Napoléon Bonaparte

DX Casting (UA4WHX)

  • You do not need not 15 and not 30 000 USD, you have enough, and 2 or 3.
  • We did not take tons of iron.
  • We are not going to charter planes and trains.
  • I will not say where we're going to almost the last moment.
  • This is not a pleasure trip. It is not for everyone.
  • You can not go back home.
  • Maybe you get sick, but we will do everything to make neither the one nor the other has not happened.
  • I'm sure you do not like what you eat.
  • I am sure you will not be easy.
  • I'll decide, but I'll hear you and listen.
  • It is not for two days.
  • Perhaps we will have a call for two. 

FO8RZ antenna setup

Astronaut Nespoli visits Ferrari

"Maranello, 14 July – The last time they spoke they did it through a TV camera, given they were hundreds of thousands of kilometres apart. One of them, Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo was at his desk in the factory, while the other, the Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli, was in orbit around Planet Earth on board the International Space Station. " (read the rest iof the news here). Hundreds of thousands of kilometers a apart ???? The ISS apogee is 355 km (wikipedia source)!!!!


In the period 10th - 20th July a special call sign E76BARDF (QSL via Bureau or E71EZC) will be in use. E76BARDF is special call sign that is assigned to signify the 6th Balkan Championship in Amateur Radio Direction Finding that will be organized in Zenica 15th - 17th July 2011.

Android DXCluster

Newer miss a DX spot again. Get live DX spots on your Android device.
(no way to have a free DXCluster app for android ??)

Friday, July 08, 2011

My IOTA confirmed #1061

Note: I've always been unable to confirm EU-060.
Finally I have all EUs now !

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Southern Sudan DXped

The Northern California DX Foundation is pleased to announce a major grant to the Intrepid DX Group  ( and the DX Friends ( who have joined together to activate the new entity of the Republic of Southern Sudan.   Licensing is imminent and operation could begin in the next few days.   (