Friday, October 29, 2010

Driftnet fishery buoys on 10 m

Driftnet fishery buoys, transmitting in A1A (CW) on 10 m from the desk of DJ7KG (Georg).


TubeSat Personal Satellite Kit

A TubeSat is designed to function as a Basic Satellite Bus or as a simple stand-alone satellite. Each TubeSat kit includes the satellite's structural components, printed circuit board (PCB) Gerber Files, electronic components, solar cells, batteries,  transceiver, antennas, microcomputer, and the required programming tools. With these components alone, the builder can construct a satellite that puts out enough power to be picked up on the ground by a hand-held amateur radio receiver. Simple applications include broadcasting a repeating message from orbit or programming the satellite to function as a private orbital amateur radio relay station. These are just two examples. The TubeSat also allows the builder to add his or her own experiment or function to the basic TubeSat Kit. Examples of add-on experiments or applications include the following:
          ▼ Earth-from-space video imaging
Earth magnetic field measurement
 Satellite orientation detection (horizon sensor, gyros, accelerometers, etc.)
          ▼ Orbital environment measurements (temperature, pressure, radiation, etc.)
On-orbit hardware and software component testing (microprocessors, etc.)
Tracking migratory animals from orbit
 Testing satellite stabilization methods
 Biological experiments
 On-orbit advertising
          ▼ Private e-mail
          ▼ Space art
          ▼ Space burials

Total Price of the TubeSat Kit including a Launch to Orbit: $8,000!

Maui, the Magic Isle

For an unprecedented 16th time, "Maui, the Magic Isle" captured "Best Island in the World" honors in the 23rd annual CONDE NAST TRAVELER Readers' Choice Awards Poll.



Thursday, October 28, 2010

VK9N in world-first personal pollution scheme

An obscure Pacific island is set to trial a world-first scheme where residents are offered cash incentives to follow a healthy, low-pollution lifestyle, researchers said.


Reduce 98% of your iPhone radiation

Explore Micronesia, Naturally!


A Dive and Eco Adventure Lodge on Kosrae Island, Micronesia

Zimpfer Memorial Fund gives to Amateur Radio Club

The Lancaster and Fairfield County Amateur Radio Club received a $5,219.86 grant from the George and Dollie L. Zimpfer Memorial Fund, administered through the Fairfield County Foundation.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Revolver maps for real live traffic on your site

My World Community Grid stats

Join World Community Grid now !

EasiCQWW: SWL contest log for CQWW

This program was written at the instigation of Bob Treacher, BRS32525 who writes the SWL News column in RADCOM (the journal of the RSGB). It is for use in the CQWW contest for SWLs run by Bob. This program is freeware. LINK

Socorro hamfest

Amateur radio operators and emergency-communications volunteers from throughout New Mexico and surrounding states will meet in Socorro on Saturday, Oct. 30. The annual Socorro Hamfest will be held at the New Mexico Firefighters Training Academy from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. The event is free and the public is invited.


SWL_DQR_Log - program for SWLs for real time logging SWL-reports during contests. 
Programs general features:

  • - possibility of real-time as well as off-line logging,
  • - UTC time is generated automatically (in real-time logging),
  • - suitable for logging on bands from 160M to 70CM (without WARC bands),
  • - suitable for logging on modes: CW, SSB, FM, RTTY, PSK31 and HELL,
  • - user configurable fields,
  • - received control groups can be devided into two sections,
  • - partial check (from MASTER.DTA file),
  • - DUPE check for SWL,
  • - logged data can be edited,
  • - the logged data can be saved in Cabrillo file,
  • - possibility to split SWL reports from log during saved to Cabrillo file,
  • - multilanguage support.

    Zip file includes: swl_dqr_log.exe file, Polish, English and Dutch help files and rc language file for translation to other languages.
    [ver. 1.20, 920 kB]

SuitSat II

Monday, October 25, 2010

A safari in Sir Bani Yas island (AS-021)

Hams to fill communication gap in Kerala

"...There are 700-odd families of Muthuvan Scheduled Tribe, which live in small settlements at Edamalakkudy, situated amidst dense forest. To fill the communication gap at the village where even police wireless system fail to work, the administration has roped in ham radio operators..." 

Japan protests to China over boats near Senkaku islands (AS-194)

Japan said Monday it had lodged a protest with Beijing after spotting two Chinese fisheries patrol boats near a disputed island chain at the centre of a bitter row between the Asian giants. LINK

Ham Truck APRS

VK5ZSN, seriously keen High Altitude Balloon experimenter see

Thursday, October 21, 2010

L'astronauta e la mascotte

Nell'ambito della manifestazione L'Esercito alla Venaria Reale, svoltosi nel weekend del 24 e 25 maggio 2008, tra gli stand allestiti ai Portici di Castelvecchio della Reggia c'era quello della ThalesAlenia Space con un ospite d'eccezione, l'astronauta italiano Paolo Nespoli, (IZ0JPA) membro dell'equipaggio della missione Esperia STS-120 che nell'ottobre del 2007 si agganciò alla ISS per aggiungere il Node2, un nuovo pezzo tutto italiano, alla stazione spaziale. Il 7 novembre Nespoli ritornò dopo 238 orbite attorno al pianeta Terra. Disponibilissimo per rispondere alle domande del pubblico (anche quelle più imbarazzanti sulla scelta del nucleare e sugli UFO!), Nespoli ha accettato con piacere la mia richiesta di una foto col mio Mattia (che a giorni compirà 3 anni!). Speriamo che sia di buon auspicio e che tutta la mia passione per lo spazio e l'astronautica possa, con questo incontro, trasmettersi di padre in figlio ! Grazie Maggiore.

Paolo Nespoli a Venaria Reale

Paolo Nespoli a Venaria Reale

Monday, October 18, 2010

ARISSat-1 Frequency Guide

PJ2, Curacao, IOTA SA-099


SDR Cube in deep detail

Hey Maury,
as a long time reader of your blog I just wanted to comment, that I recently did a 1:20 hour long interview with George, N2APB where he explained the SDR Cube in deep detail. Maybe this might be also interesting for your readers! Here is the link to the interview, the shownotes and a transcription:
73 & keep up the good work on your blog!
Toby, DH1TW


Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Friday, October 01, 2010

New DXCC Entities

Because of the dissolution
of the Netherlands Antilles
follow this bandplan
to work the new ones.