Wednesday, October 23, 2013


A multinational group of Dietmar, DL3DXX; Wayne, N7NG; Hans, PB2T; Olli, OH0XX; Martti, OH2BH; Pertti, OH2PM; Veijo, OH6KN and Tevfik, TA1HZ (team doctor) will be in Juba, South Sudan from November 14 - 28, 2013 and will activate Z81X with an emphasis on low bands, 160m and 80m. 

The period includes the CQWW CW contest with some single-band entries and low-band SSB focus during the contest weekend.

Hosted by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, the group led by Hans, PB2T will conduct a series of workshops and establish a sound amateur radio spectrum management regime and related regulations. It
will also introduce Amateur Radio to the Ministry of Education. Also participating in these efforts are two local amateurs; Massimo, Z81B (IZ0EGB) and Diya, Z81D (YI1DZ). This part of the program is supported by Yasme Foundation Inc.

The plan is to activate three FTDx3000 stations with amps, low-band verticals and beverage antennas. Two different radio locations may be used. The operation will be generator based. 

The Z81X team will use their pages for providing further updates and recognizing their supporters, with Vlad, UA6JD as their webmaster.

Z81X Project Goodwill South Sudan is organized jointly by Radio Arcala, DX University, IARU Region 1 and Rock City Investments Co., and the equipment sponsor is Yaesu Musen Co. Ltd of Japan.

In support of the DX University, we will take note of specific relationships between pileup behavior and operator technique. Additional information will be available before the expedition begins.

The highest cost item is equipment transport, with courier service the only reliable means of transportation. The group welcomes support from individuals, clubs and foundations to offset some of the high equipment transport expenses. You may contact any of the group members for your potential support or use PayPal at Z81X

Z81X QSL via OH0XX

9M8PSB OC-165 useful for DXCC !

"Hello, this is to inform you that your QSL card arrived safely today. your QSL will complete my DXCC Award on 15 mtr. many thanks. vy 73 Bakti YB0VB"

Glad to help !

Friday, October 18, 2013



CQWW SSB will bring several Kosovar stations active from this new state recognized today by 105 United Nations member states and qualifying as separate country multiplier in the CQWW Contest. Among the activity, Z68BH will be operated by Martti, OH2BH, using the new antennas of Driton, Z61DX, with great support of Igor, UA2FZ.

During the most recent European DX Contest (WAEDC) many non-EU station had difficulty with their contest logging programs on Z6 prefix. A new CTY.dat file can be loaded at 

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing

Yes, It's true - You can browse and/or download the entire book without charge

Table of contents
 1: The Breadth and Depth of DSP
2: Statistics, Probability and Noise
3: ADC and DAC
4: DSP Software
5: Linear Systems
6: Convolution
7: Properties of Convolution
8: The Discrete Fourier Transform
9: Applications of the DFT
10: Fourier Transform Properties
11: Fourier Transform Pairs
12: The Fast Fourier Transform
13: Continuous Signal Processing
14: Introduction to Digital Filters
15: Moving Average Filters
16: Windowed-Sinc Filters
17: Custom Filters
18: FFT Convolution
19: Recursive Filters
20: Chebyshev Filters
21: Filter Comparison
22: Audio Processing
23: Image Formation & Display
24: Linear Image Processing
25: Special Imaging Techniques
26: Neural Networks (and more!)
27: Data Compression
28: Digital Signal Processors
29: Getting Started with DSPs
30: Complex Numbers
31: The Complex Fourier Transform
32: The Laplace Transform
33: The z-Transform 34: Explaining Benford's Law