Tuesday, May 25, 2010

VI2BI OC-212 ? No more logs.. !

If you still need a QSL card of the 2000 activity from OC-212 by Geoff VK2EO, well, he doesn't have the logs anymore !!! I sent him my direct request in 2002 but nothing arrived in my mailbox. Today Geoff wrote me: "Sorry I do not have the logs anymore for the VI2BI operation.. If you sent a request in 2002 and I had received it you would have had a reply.. Apparently I did not rx your card.. sorry for the problem mate.. good luck on a further activation.. cheers and 73 Geoff". Well, no paper, no file, no backup, nothing at all ? Ok, never mind, lets go for another VK2/P with a better recovery of logs.

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