Friday, January 13, 2012

The top 100 easiest IOTA

The top 100 easiest IOTA based on the % claimed (in order by REF). Source IOTA

Ref. No. Group Name DXCC
AF-003 Ascension Island ASCENSION ISLAND
AF-004 Canary Islands CANARY IS
AF-006 Diego Garcia Island CHAGOS
AF-007 Comoro Islands COMOROS (D6)
AF-013 Madagascar MADAGASCAR
AF-014 Madeira Archipelago MADEIRA IS
AF-016 Reunion Island REUNION
AF-017 Rodrigues Island RODRIGUEZ IS
AF-018 Pantelleria Island ITALY
AF-019 Pelagie Islands ITALY
AF-022 St Helena Island ST HELENA IS
AF-023 Sao Tome Island SAO TOME & PRINCIPE
AF-024 Seychelles - Inner Islands SEYCHELLES
AF-027 Mayotte Island MAYOTTE
AF-049 Mauritius Island MAURITIUS IS
AN-010 South Shetland Islands SOUTH SHETLAND ISLANDS
AN-016 Antarctica ANTARCTICA
AS-003 Sri Lanka Island SRI LANKA
AS-004 Cyprus Island CYPRUS
AS-007 Honshu Island JAPAN
AS-013 Maldive Islands MALDIVE IS
AS-015 Pinang State group WEST MALAYSIA
AS-018 Sakhalin Island ASIATIC RUSSIA
AS-019 Singapore Island SINGAPORE
AS-020 Taiwan Island TAIWAN
AS-076 Shikoku Island JAPAN
AS-078 Hokkaido Island JAPAN
EU-001 Dodecanese DODECANESE
EU-002 Aland Islands ALAND IS
EU-003 Eastern Azores group AZORES
EU-004 Balearic Islands BALEARIC IS
EU-005 Great Britain ENGLAND
EU-009 Orkney SCOTLAND
EU-012 Shetland and Fair Isle SCOTLAND
EU-013 Jersey JERSEY
EU-014 Corsica Island CORSICA
EU-015 Crete Island CRETE
EU-016 Dalmatia South group CROATIA
EU-018 Faroe Islands FAROE IS
EU-019 Franz Josef Land FRANZ JOSEF LAND
EU-021 Iceland ICELAND
EU-022 Jan Mayen Island JAN MAYEN
EU-023 Malta group MALTA
EU-024 Sardinia Island SARDINIA
EU-025 Sicily Island ITALY
EU-026 Spitsbergen Island [ AKA Svalbard Island ] SVALBARD IS
EU-028 Toscana (Tuscany) Region group ITALY
EU-031 Campania Region group ITALY
EU-032 Poitou-Charentes Region group FRANCE
EU-057 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State group FED REP OF GERMANY
EU-114 Guernsey group GUERNSEY
EU-115 Ireland (Ireland / Northern Ireland) IRELAND , NORTHERN IRELAND
EU-116 Isle of Man ISLE OF MAN
EU-117 Malyy Vysotskiy Island MALYJ VYSOTSKI IS (R1MV)
NA-002 Caicos Islands TURKS & CAICOS IS
NA-005 Bermuda Islands BERMUDA
NA-015 Cuba (main island and coastal islands not qualifying for other groups) CUBA ADIF:CM , GUANTANAMO BAY
NA-016 Cayman Islands CAYMAN ISLANDS
NA-018 Greenland (main island and coastal islands not qualifying for other groups) GREENLAND
NA-021 Barbados BARBADOS
NA-022 Anguilla ANGUILLA
NA-023 British Virgin Islands BRITISH VIRGIN IS
NA-024 Grenada GRENADA
NA-027 Newfoundland Island (main island and coastal islands not qualifying for other groups) CANADA
NA-029 Prince Edward Island (include satellite islands) CANADA
NA-032 St Pierre and Miquelon Islands ST PIERRE & MIQUELON
NA-097 Jamaica JAMAICA
NA-099 Puerto Rico PUERTO RICO
NA-100 Antigua and Barbuda ANTIGUA & BARBUDA
NA-101 Dominica DOMINICA
NA-102 Guadeloupe GUADELOUPE
NA-103 Montserrat MONTSERRAT
NA-104 St Kitts and Nevis ST KITTS & NEVIS
NA-105 St Martin [ AKA Sint Maarten ] SINT MAARTEN
NA-106 Virgin Islands VIRGIN IS
NA-107 Martinique MARTINIQUE
NA-108 St Lucia ST LUCIA
OC-001 Australia AUSTRALIA
OC-005 Norfolk Island NORFOLK IS
OC-013 Rarotonga Island S COOK IS
OC-019 Hawaiian Islands HAWAII
OC-021 Java Island INDONESIA
OC-026 Guam Island GUAM
OC-032 New Caledonia Island NEW CALEDONIA
OC-036 North Island NEW ZEALAND
OC-038 Chatham Islands CHATHAM IS
OC-042 Luzon Island PHILIPPINES
OC-086 Northern Mariana Islands MARIANA IS
OC-088 Borneo (East Malaysia / Brunei / Indonesia Kalimantan) BRUNEI , INDONESIA
OC-134 South Island NEW ZEALAND
SA-001 Easter Island EASTER IS
SA-002 Falkland Islands FALKLAND IS
SA-003 Fernando De Noronha Archipelago FERNANDO DE NORONHA
SA-004 Galapagos GALAPAGOS
SA-006 Bonaire Island [ AKA Remnant Leeward Netherlands Antilles ] BONAIRE
SA-036 Aruba ARUBA

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