Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Between 1-st and 31-st of January 2012, Bulgarian Radio Club BLAGOVESTNIK LZ1KCP, will use the special callsign LZ 1818 MOG which has been created in honour of Bulgarian Saint Martyr Onufrii Gabrovski.

LZ 1818 MOG counts for "All Bulgarian Saints" awardand 10 points towards "St. Teodosii Tyrnovski" award.


To obtain the Diploma it is necessary to establish:

For European stations 10 QSO (SWL reports), and for stations outside Europe - 5 QSO (SWL reports) with different memorial callsigns dedicated to Bulgarian Orthodox Saints.

For 2012, these callsigns are 12:

LZ 1818 MOG from 01.01.2012 till 31.01.2012
LZ 1401 SET from 01.02.2012 till 29.02.2012
LZ 1784 SIB from 01.03.2012 till 31.03.2012
LZ 1437 MGS from 01.04.2012 till 30.04.2012
LZ 907 SKB from 01.05.2012 till 31.05.2012
LZ 1515 PSB from 01.06.2012 till 30.06.2012
LZ 1822 MIT from 01.07.2012 till 31.07.2012
LZ 916 SS from 01.08.2012 till 31.08.2012
LZ 1737 SSS from 01.09.2012 till 30.09.2012
LZ 1814 MIS from 01.10.2012 till 31.10.2012
LZ 1620 PPZ from 01.11.2012 till 30.11.2012
LZ 1500 PNB from 01.12.2012 till 31.12.2012

The cost of the Diploma is 10 IRC (or 5 EUR) and it can also be obtained free of charge in electronic form by e-mail. Please send applications to:

For paper version of the Diploma please send: 10 IRC to P.O. Box 36, Karlovo, 4300 BULGARIA, or 5 EUR to the PayPal account:

QSL cards are not necessary, only an extract from the log.

For each year Diploma will be issued with a separate numbering: No / 2012and etc.

Only memorial callsigns will be changed and Diploma can be obtained every year for QSO’s within period from January 01 till December 31 for the relevant year.

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