Saturday, November 10, 2007

How to Use a Ham Radio

Molto interessante questa serie di 15 filmati di Kurt, N7QJM, trovati anche grazie alle news di AC6V. Ecco cosa dice la presentazione del sito web: "Ham radios are a form of amateur radio that anyone can use. The true origin of the term "ham" seems to have been lost, but there are several theories. It may be a shortcut way of saying the first syllable of amateur radio or it may have originally been used simply as an insult. Hams start out in amateur radio for many reasons, but no matter what they all have a basic knowledge of radio technology and regulations in common. It is a group of people who are world wide and communicate through wireless networking. This is a great video series for anyone looking to connect with other random people through wireless means. Sure there are chat rooms and blogs but ham radios give you the element of surprise when you have no idea who you might be connecting with and any interests they may have. In this series you will learn everything from how a ham radio works to proper licenses you will need to the different signals available for hams. So ham it up guys!"
Questo l'elenco degli episodi: Tips on Ham Radios, Tips on Ham Radio Licenses: Part 1 and 2, How to Sample Test Ham Radios, How to Test the Attitude on Ham Radios, How to Rig a Ham Radio: Part 1 and 2, How to Demonstrate Ham Radio Bands, How to Load a Ham Radio Antenna, How to PreTune a Ham Radio Antenna, How to Rig On Air CQ on a Ham Radio, How to Contact People on a Ham Radio, Types of Ham Radio Signals, Ham Radio Troubleshooting Tips, Tips on QSL Cards for Ham Radios. Tutto visibile qui.

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