Thursday, August 01, 2013

Tall Ships Races Szczecin On The Air.

1. Designation: Tall Ships'  Races Szczecin 2013 On The Air.
2. Purpose: Popularization of  Tall Ships' Races regatta, the fairway Szczecin-?winouj?cie and the town of Szczecin.
3. Organizers:   Szczecin Municipal Office, PZK Regional Division of Zachodniopomorskie - ZOT,  Radio Club SP1PBW in Szczecin
4. Period: from August 1st to August 7th, 2013.
5. Frequency bands and emissions: according to radio license and band plan.
6. Participating radio stations:
3Z2013TSR, HF2013TSR, SN2013TSR
and special event stations:
SN13S, SN13Z,SN13C, HF13Z, SN13E, HF13C, SN13I, SN13N; which suffix will form a name of town: SZCZECIN
7. Conditions:
-  the certificate is available to every licensed radio amateur and SWL stations
- contact with station of TSR suffix is compulsory
- polish stations must to conduct QSOs with stations from Szczecin which last letters of sufix will form a name of town:
- foreign stations must to conduct minimum 5 QSOs with parcipitating stations, contact with minimum one station of TSR suffix is compulsory,
- the certificate for foreign stations will be mailed to address indicated in the application (2 IRC is required), electronic version of the certificate is free and will be mailed on request to e-mail address indicated in the application
- applications made according to the GCR list should be mailed to:
mail: ZOT PZK, P.O. box 599, 70-952 Szczecin 2, Poland
        with a "TSR" mark on the envelope
-  verification of contacts will occur through checks of participating station logs
-  the certificate is issued free for PZK members and can be mailed in electronic form to the e-mail address indicated in the application
- participants with a most of contacts with organizer stations will get the certificate marked by stamps from tall ships and yachts (limited issue)
- the certificate for polish stations will be mailed via PZK or to address indicated in the application (2 post stamps for local letter should be attached), not latter than December 31st, 2013.

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