Thursday, August 29, 2013

RTLSDR for HF 0-54MHz Assembled

A complete USB ezCap tuner for use as an RTLSDR with a built-in HF converter for 0-54MHz. Complete, assembled unit includes both amplified frequency converter and RTLSDR tuner with no additional drivers needed!

This converter, developed by KN0CK, combines the popular ezCap-based RTLSDR dongle with a high quality HF up-converter designed around a Mini-Circuits amplifier to allow the RTLSDR to receive signals in the 0-54MHz band, from longwave frequencies through the 10m band all in one unit! This completely integrated dongle could even be mounted at your antenna's feed point using an active USB extension, if you have a permanent antenna installation.

Combined with tuning and decoding software, you can do nearly anything from DC to HF with the RTLSDR and KN0CK HF Converter. This converter has the same electrical specifications as the Rev 3 converter, but with a different board layout to accomodate a range of dongle shapes.

Each Converter Hand Tested!

Portable HF for 'On the Go' or Fixed Operation
Precision 0402 SMT Components
Extended Tuning Range! 500 kHz (160m) to 54.0 MHz (6m)
Fits Inside the Original Tuner Enclosure - No Extra Dongles!
Permanent, Secure Installation
SA602 Mixer
120MHz Local Oscillator Frequency
30dB gain via Mini-Circuits MAR-8+ Wideband Pre-Amplifier On Board
PAL Connector Output (from ezCap)
USB Interface
Fully Hardware-Based Design
Comes with CD of installation instructions, drivers and applications.

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