Wednesday, October 29, 2008

P29NI update 29 Oct

Hi Maury, We are 60 miles from the Hermits but by the time you see this we should be there. Could you please find out a new 17m trap for the I1UJX antenna.  Accidentally high power was applied and it is badly burnt!  Almost all the traps have been modified and I hope we have trouble free operations from now on. The sea is much calmer today and we are having a smooth ride.  We ran through some large shoals of tuna fish.  Lots jumping out of the water to escape some sharks.  We caught 3 tuna in quick succession.  I am sure they will be on the menu for diner tonight! 73 Derek


Anonymous said...

Please ask P29NI to try 160 meters for United States of America East Coast (W1, W2, W3, W4, W8) stations between 0800 and 1130Z. Many stations from this area of the world would like to work them on Topband.

Thank you,
Bernie, W3UR

i121171/IZ1CRR said...

Hi Bernie
I sent Derek a message with your request. I hope they can read it as soon as possible. My best 73
Maury IZ1CRR

i121171/IZ1CRR said...

I think you received this message "W3UR in the 160 log from last night's run. de Skip W5GAI..
73 de IZ1CRR