Thursday, October 09, 2008

K6UMO from Alaska to Japan

From the K6UMO's notes on QRZ.COM: "I have just completed a three week cruise on board the MV "Spirit of Oceanus", going from Seward Alaska to Kobe Japan. While on board and from selected islands, I transmitted using my ICOM 703+ and a Buddipole vertical. Besides the ship, I also transmitted from Kodiak Island (IOTA NA-019), Kiska Island (NA-070) [how many contact was he able to do from there?], and Attu Island (NA-064). I was unable to transmit from Russian waters, but I did transmit from Japanese waters as JF1QCG/MM. After a short rest back in California, its off to Maui (OC-019, HI018S) from11-18 October where I will transmit as K6UMO/KH6.
My QSL Policy: While in California, I send cards to all contacts and would appreciate a card in return. If you wish a SASE or a green stamp, let me know. I always send at least a SAE to DX locations.
While on the trips listed above, I will print special cards listing the Grid locator and the IOTA and US isl numbers for each island that I am on (or a picture of the ship for MM contacts). Please send a SASE if you are in range of the USPS First Class mail, or a SAE and a green stamp for DX locations. Cards will be mailed out in late October after I return from Hawaii. I will also respond to cards sent via the Bureau

Michael K6UMO

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