Saturday, November 08, 2008

P29NI: back home

Hi Maury,  Home again and today I have been busy designing the QSL cards.  Thanks for all your help with the website.  I had a look at that in Singapore.  We had a great time and I gather our signals were strong from the Hermits.  A pity we lost a day there due to bad weather.  We nearly lost two more days there.  We were asked not the use the radios on Friday night and Saturday because the islanders are Seventh Day Adventists.  It took some delicate negotiations to clear that problem!   I hope Skip will write the story for us.  He seems to have a flair for it.  I will let you have copies of the mini-DV tapes and the still pictures as soon as possible.  I was the only one with a camcorder because Luis did not join us. I have lots to do.  I will be in touch again soon. 73 Derek

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