Saturday, October 18, 2008

P29 - Start of boat journey

"At 03:08 gmt, Saturday 18 Oct. the boat left Kokopo for the Garove Island, Witu Group, OC-181.  The skipper anticipates a 40hour trip for this first leg to Garove. The four operators on board are Derek-G3KHZ, Alan-AD6E, Mike-K6MYC and Skip-W5GAI. It's good to be back on Barbarian II again with almost the same crew as last year when we made the dxpedition to OC-283 and OC-284.  We are all happy and enjoying a smooth ride accompanied by the dolphins and flying fish.

We have a little modification work to do on the HF multi-band antennas and hope to do that en route before reaching Garove".

73 de Derek, G3KHZ

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