Monday, October 13, 2008

Arcala Extremes

The world's northernmost contest alliance is ready with a mission and team to be part of this year's CQWW SSB battle. Just this week they will be augmenting their already impressive firepower with a 100-meter (330 ft) massive rotating tower going up adorned with a full-size 3-L 160M beam and 5-L 80M beam which they claim to be the first of their kind.

This marks the team's latest frantic effort to boost the signal from the worst propagation region in the world. You can visit them at

While OH8X will be operated by Marko, OH4JFN, their sister stations CU2A (Azores Islands) and TC4X (Asian Turkey) will be operated by Toni, OH2UA and Pertti, OH2PM respectively while OH0E (Aland Islands) will be manned by Ville, OH2MM and CN2B (Morocco) by Martti, OH2BH.

Their strategies and categories still remain to some extent on the drawing boards.

A series of full-color QSL cards can be obtained as follows:

OH8X via OH2UA
CU2A via OH2BH
TC4X via OH2BH
OH0E via OH2MM
CN2B via OH2BH

The team wish the world's contesters every success in their efforts to contact Arcala Extremes.

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