Thursday, August 21, 2014

XiOne - The portable Software Defined Radio - SDR

This is the SDR I'd like to buy !!! LINK

 The first Software Defined Radio easy to use with smartphones and fully open to the maker community

A huge frequency range from 100 kHz up to 1.7 GHz opens up a wide field of operations. For example the reception of worldwide short wave transmissions or the detection of ship as well as aircraft positions by receiving AIS and ADS-B Broadcasts. 
There is no need to install special drivers because all interfaces are based on standard network protocols, so it is effortless to operate the device within all environments. 
Simply connect via Wifi or Ethernet to the XiOne-Network or even use the USB-Port, which acts as a network interface too. The built-in router function actually allows parallel access to attached networks like the internet.

The XiOne has its own power supply allowing more than 2 hours of mobile usage, easily extendable with an external USB battery pack. In combination with dedicated smartphone or tablet Apps the solution becomes mobile, allowing to go into areas with very low radio interferences.

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