Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pocket Android AM/CW/SSB Receiver for WebSDR

This is an Android only application used to remotely control several HAM radio sources:
- Ham Radio Deluxe (through the HP IP Server, CAT only, sound can be done through Skype or other IP phone);
- A FT8x7 transceiver connected through Bluetooth or USB cable (bi-directional CAT only, no sound);
- A SDR multiband server located in KN34bk (multi concurrent users SDR receiver for 80/40/30 and 20m bands.
Current features:
- Works on any Android device, including smartphones, tablets and Google TV, with a minimum resolution of 320x240 and Android version 2.1 or higher (3.1 or higher for USB support);
- Works in both portrait and landscape modes;
- tuning through the rotary knob or by directly entering the frequency from a numeric keypad (in MHz);
- Up/Down buttons to tune with a preset step which depends on the selected band;
- 16 presets (including frequency, mode, info. For each of the 16 memories all parameters are saved (freq, alias, description, band, mode, etc);
- ON/OFF button. When off, the application is disconnected from the server/transceiver;
- select band from the pool of available ones;
- select operation mode (AM/ LSB/USB/CW);
- display: SWR in both graphical and text mode;
- possibility to change application font size to match any device or taste. Font size is then stored in the config file and displayed on the startup screen at next run;
- a FN key to extend the number of memories to 16 and add future functionality to some buttons;
- 16 Memories to store frequency, mode and text info;
- work in both portrait and landscape modes;
- UTC clock included in the interface;

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