Monday, December 03, 2012


Appendix "LoggerXP" - a modern logger amateur radio station. The basic features of the program you can use it in their daily work, the work of the various degree programs. With the help of "LoggerXP" you can keep track of QSO, to work on degree programs, account QSL-cards, report, print reports, QSL-cards etc. In this case, "LoggerXP" has a modern and intuitive user interface. "LoggerXP" is based on the technology of plug-ins, so you can add new features. For this search, download and install the plug-ins. Plug-ins - these are special files. Plugins can be downloaded from the site  . If you are a programmer writing in Delphi, you can adapt the "LoggerXP" "by itself", add the desired function. In "LoggerXP" used a different approach to the principles of the diploma program. Due to this, the number of degree programs is almost unlimited. Degree programs you can download from the developer, or make them yourself with the manager of diplomas. During logging "LoggerXP" QSO and analyze all appropriate ones buried in the right graduate program. If you're going on a trip in the country, in radio expeditions, but with "LoggerXP" you're only working on a home computer, and the trip would take a laptop, without losing any data, certificates and settings - do not worry! "Master transfer data and settings" will solve your problem. Similarly, you can save all your data and settings "LoggerXP" when you reinstall of Windows. If your family you are not one who works in the air, for each user "LoggerXP" you can create a separate profile with individual settings, logs and diploma programs. You are going to an important event and you're afraid to miss? "LoggerXP" has organizer that will remind you of upcoming events. Appendix "LoggerXP" has full compatibility with the service eQSL. You can instantly exchange QSL-cards through this service and download the resulting images QSL-cards. To date, "LoggerXP" is the most convenient printing system QSO and QSL-cards. C s QSL-cards must first be created using the application "QSL - studio". This application will allow you to download .

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