Thursday, September 06, 2012

RUMped: dxped & contest logging for Mac.

RUMped is a dx-pedition and contest logging tool for short wave for the Mac. Currently RUMped supports a DX-pedition mode, major contests and a general contest mode for unsupported contests. Further you can create your own contest rules. RUMped can use cocoaModem2.0 as modem for RTTY, BPSK and Hellschreiber.

 Log Features
• Real time computation for multipliers and points
• Partial call check during typing, multiple master databases are included.
 • Similar call check
• Prev. QSO check
• ESM mode (,Enter‘ sends messages)
• Auto cq
• CW out via WinKeyer or K2/K3
• CW type-ahead function (WinKeyer only)
• TRX control
• Work all operating modes in the same interface
• Multiple (scrolling) band maps
• DX Cluster via Telnet integrated
• DXCC ,CQ/ITU-zone, heading and distance calculations
• Continent, callsign, rates, DXCC, multiplier and best time statistics
• Keyboard mode for CW and RTTY
• Grayline map and other tools for grayline dxing
• Memory pad for S&P
• Log export in ADIF, Cabrillo, St├╝tzerbach, text, csv and DF3CB logsearch

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