Friday, August 03, 2012

Understanding LF and HF Propagation ebook

 "In 2008/2009 Alan Melia G3NYK and I wrote a series of features on understanding LF and HF propagation for the Radio Society of Great Britain's (RSGB) "RadCom" magazine. 
 My features consisted of a month-by-month look at each HF band in turn, showing the reader the propagation modes behind each band and explaining some of the technicalities of ionospheric propagation. 
 I looked at the D, E and F layers, Sporadic E, the MUF/LUF, using solar data, propagation programs, NVIS and much more. 
 Alan then took over and wrote three detailed features on LF propagation. We are told that the features were well received and as a result I have managed to persuade the RSGB to allow me to put them together into a single document, which is now freely available for amateurs worldwide to download
 I hope you enjoy it." 
 Steve G0KYA

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