Monday, February 13, 2012

E-ST@R successfully launched

E-ST@R project is an educational and research program which is being carried out at Politecnico di Torino by the AeroSpace System Engineering Team (ASSET).

Aim of the project is the development and launch into orbit of the E-ST@R satellite, which is a CubeSat class spacecraft. The project is entirely carried out by students, both graduate and undergraduate, under the supervision of researchers and professors.

E-ST@R CubeSat has been accepted by ESA's Education Office after a selection and will be piggybacked by the Vega Launch Vehicle during its maiden flight, planned for early 2012, with other six CubeSats from other European Universities and one MicroSat from the Italian Space Agency.

This section is dedicated to the collaboration with ham radio community.
If you are an amateur radio operator you are welcome to join and support e-st@r mission. In case you receive our cubesat signal, we appreciate if you can forward the telemetry frames for decoding and analysis. You will be awarded with a special certificate!

Follow the procedure indicated after the log in.

Downlink main features:

Frequency: 437.445 MHz
Antenna: UHF
Modulation: AFSK 1200bps
Protocol: AX.25
Destination: "ALLALL"
Source: "ESTAR"
Callsign: E-STAR-I
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