Friday, November 12, 2010

Dayton Hamvention® Awards

Do you know an outstanding amateur in your club, community, or from on-the-air contacts? Does this person excel in some phase of amateur radio? Do you feel this person deserves world-wide recognition? All amateurs are eligible - Novice through Extra. Awards are decided by the Awards Committee, based partially upon the information received, not the number of nominations submitted.

Documentation is beneficial. Magazine articles, newsletters, newspaper clippings, videos, etc. will better inform the Awards Committee of your candidate's accomplishments. These materials become the property of Hamvention® and cannot be returned. Before completing the form below, please scan documents and attach them to an email addressed to :

Please make sure that your name is in the "subject" field so that we can easily match your email with the submitted form below.

Amateur of the Year: This is for the special person who has made a long term commitment to the advancement of amateur radio. We are looking for a well-rounded individual who has contributed to our hobby in some outstanding way.

Technical Excellence: This is for the person who has made an outstanding technical advancement in the field of amateur radio.

Special Achievement: This is for the special person who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of amateur radio. This award is usually given to a respected amateur who spearheaded a single significant project.

Club of the Year: To recognize a club’s accomplishments, activities, and public service.

Applications for these awards can be found at the links below. Submissions can be made to: or via USPS at the address below:

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