Wednesday, April 28, 2010

15 years of 425DXNews

Happy Birthday 425DXNews.
The website celebrates today 15 years of presence on Internet

Here are some of the quotes users wrote long time ago
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you are doing a tremendous job with your "425 dx news". i want to thank you for the work you are doing, and express my appreciation for a job well my opinion your publication is one of the top dx news sources in the world and an asset to all of us dx'ers. duncan w7jen
thank you very much for your great job. the 425 dxnews are the best help in dxing for me. all the best for the future and please, please carry on!! wolf, dl6jz
thank you again for your fantastic work! there is nothing comparable to the 425dx-news bulletin! it's simply the best! 73/k. sm4emo
vy good bulletin for the dx er. 73 es de jack,pa0mrn
many thanks for all informations...most atractive,the most important dx bulletin for hams... starting to read on packet, now on internet, good luck ciao!! 4n1dx
the most useful dx website! thanks. tom n2cu
the dx crowd are the top hams and you folks are the cream of the crop. vic ad8k
hi - and thanks a million for your excellent nl, which has been my prime source of dx information since long time ago. every issue inspires to activity. good health and luck! 73 sm0byd (also op at sk0tm & sk0mg)
mauro, thanks i never would have gotten horor roll or 700 islands without your newsletter many thanks for getting my name back on list bob ww1v
your monthly editions are just superb ! very sincere congratulations and thanks ! best 73 jean-marc, f5sgi
gracias señores por un excelente boletin, continuen con su trabajo que va bien saludos para todos y sigan enviandolo a todo el mundo de ce2vqf edmundo 73, chaooo
an excellent source of world wide amateur radio dx information. the best available on the internet or anywhere else. the monthly pdf with pictures and maps is outstanding. many thanks for all your efforts. frank w3vna
congratulations on your great homepage and many thanks for all the good work you are putting into your newsletter! a wonderful service to the ham fraternity. wolf, dj4oa
your site is great, the information that you provide helps me immeasurably. made weak by time and fate, but strong in will to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield will continue my quest for an iota award, and your site is a big help
many thanks for all the time and effort you put into 425 news. it is very much appreciated. 73's de brian gm4xqj
my sincerely congratulations for your great job helping us to be well informed about radio activities round the world. 73s tony lu2ffd
thank you for all the good work you do in getting out that famous 425 bulletin: best dx news i have recieved in my 65 years of ham radio. 73 to all, charles ve7wo
i just want congratulate you for the great job you do ! 425dxn, the most complete dx bulletin: happy new year 2001, 73 gil f5nod

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