Sunday, March 22, 2009

PNG IOTA dxpedition 2009

Derek G3KHZ announces a new IOTA DXpedition from 22 october to 9 November 2009 in the following Papua New Guinea islands: Tanga island (OC-102), Green island (OC-231) and Woodlark island (OC-205). The team will include Luis CT1AGF, Derek G3KHZ, Gordon G3USR, Steve G4EDG, Hans SM6CVX and Stig. All bands (1.8 - 21 Mhz), CW, SSB and RTTY modes (G3USR is exclusively SSB) using new single band vertical dipoles for 10.1 - 21 Mhz and ground plane for 7 Mhz.

The QSL for the 2008 IOTA expedition

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