Thursday, June 05, 2008

CW Skimmer.. and next ?

From the N6TV presentation on WinRad and CW Skimmer given at the 2008 Visalia DX Convention Contest Forum (here is my previous post) there is an interesting slide, called What's next ?
  • RTTY Skimmer? SSB Skimmer?
  • A “robot” – a totally automated op? (“Z80 OP” – developed by N6TR, in 1986!)
  • Let’s sponsor an “X-Prize”(First totally automated op. to make Top Ten box in the CW NA Sprint)
  • Competition encourage advancements in the radio arts (Don’t write rules that stifle innovation)
So which are the pros and cons of a totally automated op ? What is the sense to have a robot making contact to achieve a good place in the major contests ? Will we reach the limit installing a remoted robot station on Heard or Bouvet to make QSOs without human control ? How exciting is the fantasy to obtain the DXCC while we sleep or spending vacations ? My readers know I'm not into eQSL neither in LOTW. I'm probably too tied to old times style but I'm really worried about the big steps technology is doing. Gosh !

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