Friday, June 06, 2008

8 June - World Ocean Day


United Nations

Sponsored by:

The Ocean Project

To United Nations and World Government Leaders:

Help make a difference for our ocean planet!

  • Whereas everyone on our planet is connected and affected by the oceans;

  • Whereas the world's ocean covers 70% of our planet, yet less than 1% of our ocean habitat is protected;

  • Whereas the ocean plays a critical role in maintaining the planet's ecosystems and is essential to human health and well being;

  • Whereas it is critical to educate the public, and promote stewardship among children and adults alike;

  • Whereas ocean environments around the world are collapsing,
    primarily due to over-fishing, pollution, and unsustainable coastal

  • Whereas the ocean's rich diversity of life belongs to all citizens of the world; and

  • Whereas on June 8 there has been an unofficial celebration of the oceans around the world for 12 years...
goal: 1,000,000

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