Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Special call sign to celebrate the playing in New Zealand of the 2011 Rugby World Cup between 19th August and 31st October 2011.QSLs will be printed soon after the World Cup ends.
#1 Via buro = reply via buro
#2 Direct with RP and envelope= direct reply
#3 Direct with no RP = reply via buro
#4 Use the Online-Log & QSL Request System, make a donation of US$5 via Paypal to and I'll send your card direct. No need to send me a card at all. You need to put your call-sign on the Paypal donation so I match your donation.
RP either 1 x IRC, US$3 dollars or NZ$2.40 mint stamps.
Small donations to help cover QSL card printing costs are much appreciated.
All QSOs uploaded to LOTW. Sorry, no EQSL.

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