Friday, January 18, 2008

Yasme Excellence Awards

The Directors of the Yasme Foundation are proud to announce the first winners of the recently announced Yasme Excellence Awards ( ). These awards are given for service and dedication to amateur radio as recognized by the foundation’s Directors. The prizes are in the form of a plaque and a monetary award. The winners of the first Yasme Excellence Awards are hereby introduced to the public.

Joseph L. Arcure, Jr., W3HNK $2,000 for his long service to DXers as a QSL manager. Joe’s efforts on behalf of DXer’s everywhere promote international goodwill by facilitating cultural exchanges between operators that may never meet in person, yet share a common bond of DX operation.

Sheldon C. Shallon, W6EL $2,000 for his work with propagation prediction software. By making propagation more accessible, Shel has done much to advance the technical skills of HF operators in understanding the physical environment of radio.

James Brooks, 9V1YC $2,000 for DXpedition organization and videography. James’ professional videos make the skills and excitement of DX operating and expeditioning more accessible to hams that haven’t yet tried DXing and to non-hams alike.

Jukka Salomaa, OH2BUA and Antti Kantola, OH5TB, $2,000 (shared) for conceiving, operating, and maintaining the DX Summit, the first widely-used Web-based spotting network portal. They created a tool that fundamentally changed the nature of HF operating, a true advancement of the radio art.

These amateurs have given unselfishly their time and expertise. On behalf of all amateurs, we would like congratulate these winners and thank them for their service.

For the Yasme Foundation,

Wayne A. Mills, N7NG, President
Fred Laun, K3ZO, Vice President

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