Thursday, August 09, 2007

Radio Luxembourg 208

Vi ho già scritto in precedenza circa le mie notti all'ascolto di Radio Luxembourg, con una piccola radiolina AM sotto il cuscino. Erano i famosi tempi dell'emittente 208 sui 1440 kHz (dal 1951 al 1991) che trasmetteva da Marnach in Lussemburgo con una potenza di 1,3 MegaWatts. Qui potete sentire due jingles di allora. La leggenda è ancora viva grazie ad Internet e possiamo ascoltare in streaming Radio Luxembourg ed eventualmente inviare rapporti di ascolto. Mentre scrivo questo post sta passando Down Under dei Men at Work.
Ecco cosa c'è scritto sulla home page:

"We Are Radio Luxembourg...
This is Radio Luxembourg! The Legend Is Back! The Best In Classic Rock!
You hear our deejays speaking those words all the time. But "The Legend" you know today as Radio Luxembourg went on the air, for the first time, and in the English language, with daily transmissions 'way back in 1933.
While "the old" Radio Luxembourg played all the hits of those days, times and music have changed dramatically. Were we to play all of today's hits in all of today's various genres, we would confuse our listeners to the point of dissatisfaction. Our current musical format of Classic Rock appeals to many listeners, and we are confident of gaining lots of new listeners with it.
Music is our priority; that's why we're here. Do you know anyone who likes just one kind of music? Neither do we. Within the Classic Rock framework we'll continue to offer musical diversity. At times, we'll go deep. We all know that there are songs worth playing that are not just the hit singles.
The old Radio Luxembourg, until its demise in 1992, was on the air only at night. Our present service is on the air all day and night, 24/7, and uses a number of transmission options. We transmit simultaneously on several Digital Radio/DRM frequencies, and we have an active website, with streaming of our radio output at There are no plans to reactivate any of the old AM or FM signals; indeed, those frequencies are now used by other services within the RTL Group. As DRM is at the "cutting edge" of contemporary broadcast technology, frequencies and output power may vary from time to time. However, the new digital radios with their Electronic Programme Guides (EPGs) will follow, will automatically take you to wherever Radio Luxembourg might be on the dial. Just as in the beginning, way back in the 1930s, Radio Luxembourg remains at the forefront of broadcast technology.
Radio Luxembourg today, as in the past, is aimed at the radio audience in the United Kingdom and Ireland. We enjoy; indeed, we welcome listeners worldwide. Listener "QSL" reports are always received with interest, and are passed on to our Engineering Division for confirmation.
We employ real deejays, real people, who know and understand our music. They certainly have a say in the music they play. Adult men and women, they've all got strong personalities. So listen to them; hear what they have to say.
We're Radio Luxembourg; The Legend Is Back with The Best In Classic Rock!"

Un bellissimo sito dove trovare molte info e foto d'epoca è offringa.
Welcome back 208 !

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